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Best Zero Waste Shampoo Bars


People always have some doubts in their minds when it comes to trying some different skincare product or any hair product. According to many, any shampoo bar that has the capability of forming a good amount of lather with a minimum amount of water is considered a good shampoo bar. It should not stop there, but the bar should also be good enough to leave behind a feeling of healthy and soft hair.

Eventually, it is better to choose a shampoo bar that is not only good for your hair but the environment as well. It means that they should be free of plastic packaging and have very little to no hazardous chemicals in their formula. While being made up of organic materials. This is where zero waste shampoo bars come in play.

What are the benefits of using zero-waste shampoo bars?

Now people might be thinking of reasons why should they use zero-waste shampoo bars. Some of the benefits include:

  1. First of all, shampoo bars are cost-effective as they last longer than an average shampoo bottle due to the extra concentration. The bottle has main water which can easily get wasted. 
  2. Zero-waste shampoo bars are a good way of mitigating plastic waste. Millions of bottles of shampoo are daily dumped that are plastic and contaminate the land. These bars have no plastics hence are zero-waste. You have nothing to throw in waste once a bar is finished.
  3. As compared to liquid bottles, there is less carbon footprint in the bars. The bars have the same power of washing as the liquid bottle has.
  4. These bars are vegan friendly and are cruelty-free. All the ingredients are naturally derived which makes them best for your hair. There is no harmful chemical such as sulfate to harm the hair. 

Best Shampoo Bars

  • Pacific Spirit is one of the leading zero-waste shampoo bars that are sold for just 9.49 dollars. These bars are plastic-free as well as vegan. The packaging is done in cardboard boxes that can be recycled. These bars can easily be used 30 times and are made up of apricot and organic argan oil.

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  • Foamie

Foamie is a coconut shampoo bar that is best suited for normal hair. The coconut scent of the bar stays for a long time after washing hair. It contains wheat for giving extra shine and strength to your hair. The pH of this bar is 7 and is free of sulfates, alcohol, and SLS. There are no harmful effects upon transition, and first-time users are safe to use this bar.

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We hope that this article has helped you understand the various aspects of zero-waste shampoos and how they can help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Let us know if you enjoyed reading this article, and GOOD LUCK with your journey on learning about zero-waste shampoos and eventually switching to them.




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