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Books About Recycling for Preschoolers

Preschoolers recycling plastic


Children are craftier than adults, so it is natural for them to have a slight idea of recycling items or reusing them. It is a good chance for adults to capture that interest by making them read books that are based on recycling. So, the concept of recycling can be colorfully taught to them.

Why Is It Important to Teach Preschoolers About Recycling?

As compared to adults, children specifically preschoolers or toddlers are more vulnerable to what is being taught to them. They can easily catch on to things and remember them for a long time. It is essential to educate kids on the topic of saving the earth and the importance of sustainable practices such as recycling.

They should be inspired to take care of their surroundings and keep them clean. Teaching recycling to preschoolers means helping them in learning ways through which they can keep their environment clean. In addition, it will help them understand how exactly products are created and different ways to reuse them.

This activity can also instill a habit of learning in these preschoolers, and they can learn the concept of the three Rs reduce, recycle and reuse. All these activities will help them create a sustainable place for living while taking care of their ecosystem.

Perhaps, using books on recycling can be a perfect way of teaching the students. So here are a few suggestions.

Best Books About Recycling

Sandy’s Incredible Footprint Shrinking

This book is based on a young girl who finds herself on a beach on her way to meet grandpa. While exploring the beach, she finds a heap of garbage near a fire. She did not like it at all and started collecting all wrappers and bottles. While doing so, she meets a woman doing similar things of collecting garbage. The woman educates the little girl about the legacy that people leave behind them. In addition, this book informs preschoolers about recycling material through colorful illustrations.

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  • Big Earth, Little Me

This book consists of bold colorful illustrations that help in introducing the concept of helping the earth. It helps them in making eco-friendly choices. It also teaches about not wasting water, usage of both sides of the paper. While encouraging them to help in maintaining the gardens so that greenery and nature are preserved. The book tries to deliver the message of recycling through simple ways. The best part about the book is its illustrations. That attracts the preschoolers toward the book and helps them learn more of the contents present in the book.

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We hope that this article has helped you understand why it is necessary to teach preschoolers about recycling. They are the future and can help save the earth.

Let us know if you enjoyed reading this article, and Goodluck in educating your little ones with these fantastic books.



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