Worldwide Zero Waste Links:

If you want more:

Understand the issues:

Zero Waste Home: the site of Béa Johnson, author of the book Zero Waste.
ZeroWaste Bloggers Network: To find blogs about zero waste in all languages.

Médiathèque de l’Ademe rubrique déchets: Numerous reports, studies, summaries, and key figures on zero waste.
Youtube Channel of Zero Waste France: Here are some videos to help you understand the environmental, economic, and social issues of waste.
Société urbaine et déchets: The Waste Social Science Research Network in France.
Biodéchets.org: The place to begin if you want to understand the issues and find out how to sort your food waste.
Story of Stuff: Annie Leonard’s video series, with French subtitles.
Zero Waste Europe: The network of European NGOs active in the Zero Waste movement.
Gaïa: The international network of individuals, organizations, and other entities committed to promoting waste-to-energy plants as an alternative to incineration.
Actu-environnement rubrique déchets: To stay up-to-date on waste issues.
Efficycle: Sign up for our free newsletter to get more waste news and tips.
Actualité Environnementale: Radio France’s waste section of the weekly web environment review.
AlterJuré: The blog of the militant lawyer, which analyzes regulatory and judicial news regularly.
Guide du tri: The packaging eco-organization offers an app that helps you sort recyclables.
Que faire de mes déchets : Can’t decide whether you should recycle or compost? Find the answers to your recycling questions here.

Biodéchets.org: The resource site helps you understand the issues about food waste, the methods for sorting and disposing of it, and how to find out about composting initiatives in your area.
Guide pratique de l’Ademe: Here are some tips on how to compost and use green waste and kitchen waste in the garden.
Les activateurs: A resource site that hosts and references composting training as well as numerous discussion forums.
Plus2vers: Click here to find worms and vermicomposting tips near you!
VerslaTerre: This website is full of resources on vermicomposting, featuring an online store.
CompostChallenge: A mobile application for iPhone or Android that can help you get started in composting.
The Organic Stream : For English speakers, podcasts and instructional videos on how to manage organic waste.

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